Colourpuncture for Acupuncture therapists

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Some of our students have been working as therapists of Acupuncture when they started our Colourpuncture training. Based on their clinical experience there could be some challenges a therapist of Acupuncture is likely to face in their practice:

  • Some of Acupuncture clients don’t really like needles but still come to you because they need healing; however they will always be on the lookout for an equally effective yet non-invasive therapy
  • Some will never go for Acupuncture out of a – however unfounded – fear, even though they respect acupuncture and would like to come to you
  • Some of your clients may have therapy resistance
  • Some simply have emotional/phycological issues buried deep and not reachable by conventional complementary therapies, including acupuncture

How can an established Acupuncturist benefit from learning Colourpuncture and combining Colourpuncture and Acupuncture treatments in Acupuncture clinic?

Colourpuncture treatment works by focusing coloured light onto the body’s Acupuncture points as well as some specific Colourpuncture points and skin zones. Since our skin is photo-sensitive, the colour you use is absorbed by it, and penetrates deep into the body. The therapy is non-invasive and so stress-free for a client, and is built on the foundations of acupuncture principles.

As an established Acupuncture therapist, you could:

  • Use Acupuncture or Colourpuncture depending on a client’s preferences
  • Combine the two by needling the points first and shining colour second; Acupuncture and Colourpuncture will work in synergy and will result in the best possible outcome for your client
  • Colourpuncture, however, is far more focused on treatments for healing the consequences of any traumas – physical or emotional, current or long-term. Colourpuncture can even address traumas that happened in utero through the revolutionary Prenatal therapy
  • Colourpuncture is unbeatable for emotional and psychological disorders
  • Colourpuncture has unique treatments for therapy resistance
  • You will be able to expand your clientele as you could use Colourpuncture on those clients who are wary of needles

Have a look at our Colourpuncture training course content to see what exactly you are going to learn on our course  and for more information on how Colourpuncture can enhance your practice.

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