Colourpuncture 2011

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in light and colours!

In 2010 a new light and colours therapy of natural health – Colourpuncturelight therapy – has really grown and became established in the UK. Colourpuncture training course and Esogetic Colour Foot Reflexology for professional therapists as well as Crystal Therapy workshops for DIY well-being arrived into the UK bringing a possibility to experience new treatments for everyone interested in modern complementary therapies of natural health.

There are currently 12 therapists who have completed a full up-to-date Professional training in Esogetic Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel in the UK. There are also 4 therapists of newly-introduced Colour Foot Reflexology and Crystal therapy which offer their clinical services both in the UK and in Western Europe. To find a therapist in your area please visit

light and colours for your well-being

What do we have in store for you in 2011? In addition to a new cycle of trainings in Professional Esogetic Colorpuncture light therapy, Colour Foot Reflexology and Crystal therapy workshops we will be introducing new Advanced Colorpuncture  workshops for graduates of Professional Colourpuncture:

  • The Induction regulation therapy
  • Karma and Hara (original grey patterns)
  • Boundaries therapy (The territory triangles of the body)
  • The therapy of Addictions
  • Colorpuncture connective tissue massage
  • Dream therapy according to Peter Mandel
  • Transmitter Relays therapy

In 2011 we also plan to start offering a new non-professional training course specially designed for people who wish to learn Colorpuncture light therapy to help themselves and their family. It will be very much practice-oriented, very easy to learn, will have necessary biological background within it and be open for anybody without any previous experience in learning therapies.

You will also have an opportunity to join us for a full and up-to-date professional training in Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) – also known as Kirlian Photography – which is highly recommended both for students studying Colorpuncture and for any complementary therapy professionals.

Please leave your comments on this page if you are interested in receiving any other trainings on Esogetic Medicine from the International Mandel Institute in the UK. You are welcome to have a look at our new training calendar 2011 for dates and entry requirements.

Congratulations on successful completion of the Professional Colourpuncture and Colour Reflexology trainings to all our students, all the best in health, well-being and happiness to our clients and warm seasonal greetings to everyone!

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