Reading on Colourpuncture step 3: “Textbook of OGT therapy” by Peter Mandel

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The “Textbook of OGT therapy” is a new and most up-to-date foundational textbook by Peter Mandel on Colourpuncture and is an introduction to his new Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy, briefly OGT. There are 80 therapies described in the book, with theory, indications and immediate practical applications.

The OGT is a new method of diagnosis and therapy which is rooted in the phenomenology of the iris and its adjoining structures. Based on the experience of one of the world leading schools of iris diagnosis – Iridology – the OGT by Peter Mandel uses a human eye as a ‘genetic mirrow image’ for the recognition of pathological changes in the physical organs and systems. In this pioneering work Peter Mandel transferred the topographical correspondenses – the map of the iris – onto the body surface. A totally new tophography which allows immediate holistic therapeutical access to the level of the genetic information was a result.

Acupressure point massage for OGT therapy

This reference and text book is very much practice-oriented, contains a wealth of colour images and detailed treatment descriptions. All the therapies are arranged in a uniform and easy to follow manner. In addition you will find enclosed differently sized templates for all the OGT therapies shown in the book which will allow you to locate any therapy points within seconds. Therefore no previous knowledge of iris topography is neccessary. The real life application of OGT is very simple but it is a profound therapy in its effects.

Initially you do not need special tools referred to in the book – you can simply start with point massage according to protocols. Also piezoelectric impulses stimulation can be used by anyone to supplement or instead of point massage. The other therapeutical tools which are possible to use for OGT such as Colourpuncture , Crystalpucture and Point Induction therapies are also easily applied and are very effective. If you happen to be trained in Acupuncture then you can use the therapies with your familiar tools. If you are trained in Iridology then this book is a great bridge between your diagnosis and an immediate and simple practical applications for therapy. For any therapists the book also presents plenty of ideas for homework to their clients as OGT is both extremely simple to use and highly effective.

Pieso-electric acupuncture and OGT colourpuncture

The book contains 6 chapters which contain both a comprehensive amount of vital theoretical background and easy-to-use 80 therapies being laid out in a form of a logical and easy to comprehend course.

In Chapter 1 – Introduction – you will learn the very basic principles of OGT and its connections with the iris and related organ systems as well as the concept of Esogetic Medicine with its main therapies. You will then discover a great amount of details on Function Circles (FC): Kidney/Bladder, Liver/Gall Bladder, Lungs/Large Intestine, Stomach/Pancreas/Spleen and Heart/Small Intestine. You will learn correspondencies of each FC on the levels of  body systems, teeth, muscles, synuses,emotions, sensory organs, spinal segments, brain structures and more! The chapter is completed with pictures on how our invisible but all important inner life is connected & reflected in our tangible “real” life.

Chapter 2 will lead you to uncover the concept of OGT in details. You will learn numerous possibilities of esogetic pain clock therapy and will have a chance to practice the treatments using various therapeutic media such as spectral and soul-spirit Colourpuncture, point induction and crystalpuncture. Peter Mandel will be sharing with you his fascinating discovery of OGT topography. Here you will also learn about blastema lines, directions of energy flow and the grid of OGT fields, all with an immediate possibility for translation into a therapy.

In Chapter 3 you will look into iris topography, relationships between the cranial brain and the “2nd brain” or gut feelings with therapy applications. You will learn how to use numerous treatments of OGT according to iris topography. You will have an introduction into Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) with its full topography for fingers and toes and connection between the EEA pictures and Iridology invaluable both for differential diagnosis and as a window into how inherent predispositions visible in the iris are currently manifested on you energy field picture. This poweful combination of two highly informative types of non-invasive holistic diagnosis are used together. You will also learn a brief history and basic principles of induction therapy followed by practical application in the OGT fields. You will see a very-well illustrated example of how you can use visual clues such as facial features, sclera and tongue diagnosis in your clinic.

OGT Colourpuncture in Soul-spirit and Grey colours

In Chapter 4 you will learn the harmonizing connecting lines with numerous treatment possibilities. You will learn about focal toxicosis and connected endocrine imbalance leading to a development of many heavy disease pictures. You will learn a concept of “inverted man of esogetics” and how you can intergate this topography in your therapy protocols.

In Chapter 5 you will be introduced to the basic patterns of Esogetic Medicine and how they result in 4+1 disease principles. Highly effective body treatments will be given for each pattern with the use of different media. Here you will also learn:

  • conflict resolution
  • introduction into segment diagnosis and colour foot reflexology diagnosis
  • health of brain neuroglia and body mesencheme addressed therapeutically through OGT
  • throughout the book you will also be learning new grey fields, invaluable for overcoming therapy resistance.

Chapter 6 is describing different therapies of OGT fields and body therapies for symptomatic complaints such as diabetes, endocrine- insuffuciency, spinal complaints, pain etc.

Even though the book focuses on the OGT therapies which are easily done on the forehead it also has relevant therapies on body and feet.

OGT Colourpuncture in Soul-Spirit colours

The OGT textbook is an invaluable reading for anyone interested in natural holistic therapies and will suit both a total beginner and an already established Colorpuncture therapist trained before 2007. If you practice any holistic therapy and understand natural health principles then the therapies from this book will become an exciting addition to your existing therapeutic portfolio. The OGT book is the most up-to-date book in a fast evolving field of Esogetic Medicine packed with information for you to absorb and practive for months to come.

The OGT book has 406 pages and hardcover. It is the first edition (2005).

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