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Happy New Year and welcome to a great Colourpuncture training program waiting for you in 2013 which offers something for everyone!

Starting with a news, from this year you will have an exciting opportunity to discover Colourpuncture light therapy on a new series of  Colourpuncture short workshops from the International Mandel Institute. New Colourpuncture light therapy short workshops are designed to provide a clear, concise and hands-on approach to healing or managing specific condition or problem such as headache, stomach ache, learning difficulties etc. Each Colourpuncture light therapy short workshop is a problem-solver and independent from the others; no previous experience is necessary to attend. There will be some amount of light sets for rent after the workshop (a waiting list will be in place) or you can choose to invest into your own Colourpuncture light set.

In 2013 there will also be Colourpuncture ‘old favorites’ – workshops and trainings already popular in the UK:

Non-professional Colourpuncture training course will be held in April-May in Manchester (Part 1: 27-28/04/13 and Part 2: 21-23/06/13) and in July-August in London (Part 1: 20-21/07/13  and Part 2: 24-26/08/13). Non-professional Colourpuncture training will take a week-end and a long week-end and is 5 days in total. No previous experience is needed, some basic understanding of Anatomy is beneficial. However, to get the most out of your non-professional training we recommend you to join us for a short Dream therapy workshop, a 4hrs experiential hands-on workshop where you will learn the skills for best processing and integrating your experience of Colourpuncture light therapy. Dream workshops will be held on the day before the start of each non-professional Colourpuncture training course for your convenience.

Professional Colourpuncture training course will start in:

  • September in London (Saturday/month over 2 years)
  • October in Manchester (long week-ends over 1 year)
  • In 2013 an Intensive Professional Colourpuncture training course is also being scheduled; please contact us ASAP on for details if you interested in joining Colourpuncture 2013 Intensive training

CPD (continuous professional development) for Professional Colourpuncture graduates will consist of:

  • a week-end in May (Induction therapy on the 11/05/13 and Advanced Dream therapy (Symbol seminar) on the 12/05/13)
  • a long week-end in December in Manchester (Colourpuncture of Boundaries on the 13/12/13, 9am-12.30pm; Colourpuncture of Addictions on the 14/12/13, Burn-Out Syndrome therapy on the 15/12/13 and Karma-Hara (original grey patterns) on the 16/12/13.
  • Professional Colourpuncture graduates will have an opportunity to take their Colourpuncture exam on the 10th of May before the CPD week-end.

Esogetic Colour Reflexology training course will be held in Manchester on the 16-17/03/13  (Part 1) and 20-21/04/13  (Part 2).

Esogetic Crystal therapy workshops will be held on the 23-24/03/13 in Manchester and 17-18/05/13 in Totnes.

Esogetic Dream therapy workshops will be held on the 26/04/13, 9am-12.30pm in Manchester and 19/07/13 in London.

Warm welcome to Colourpuncture 2013 and your journey of discovering Colourpuncture light therapy, learning new therapies and expanding your skills!

  1. Jamie-Leigh

    I am a professional nurse in South Africa looking for alternative ways of healing for my patients as is wel known HIV is an epidemic here and many of my patients suffer with this illness. I heard bout the healing benefits on the body and mind of colourpuncture and wish to know when courses wil b made available in South Africa so that I may learn more to help my patients. Thank you

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