Introducing new Grey Crystals

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‘Hot-of-the press’: reflex zones of Saturn and ‘key fields’ – new grey crystals presented on a recent International Symbol seminar by Peter Mandel opened a world of further possibilities in Esogetic Crystal therapy.

esogetic grey crystals
Esogetic Grey Crystals

Introducing new Grey crystals

  • grey crystals and solar plexus as our center in stress and relaxation
  • Tree of Life and grey crystals
  • conflict resolution and ‘balancing memories’ with gray and soul-spirit crystals
  • grey crystals and original human fears
  • new balancing for all-important father-mother principle
  • body fields of the elements – fire, water, earth and air – with gray and soul-spirit crystals
Now you can delve into your inner self with new grey crystals from the comfort of your own home or contact your local therapist to experience new healing journey in expert hands!