Colourpuncture training courses 2010

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December seems to be the perfect time to reflect on the year which is now nearly behind us and plan for the future.

Well, it has been a great year for us at time4change ltd. We have had many happy clients at our natural health clinic. We have tried many light treatments ourselves and have hence moved on significantly in the direction we chose. And we’ve hosted our very first new, fully up-to-date Colourpuncture training course in the autumn of 2009 and now have a whole new family of therapists trained in modern Basic Colourpuncture in differents parts of the country.

Please note that there will be a price increase in January 2010. You still have the chance to book any of our 2010 training courses by submitting a deposit before 31st of December 2009. 

We are now looking forward to 2010 to provide further training in Advanced Colourpuncture in autumn and also to start a new Basic Colourpuncture group in March 2010.

We will also provide a new Colourpuncture update course in February; it is specially designed for those of you who are existing Colourpuncture practitioners or have been trained in Colourpuncture-related therapies before 2007.  The aim of this course is to bring all UK practitioners up to date and in line with recent developments from the International Mandel Institute. Join us in February to discover a new world of Colourpuncture treatments and therapies, including Grey Fields, OGTs and much more!

Additionally we plan to host our very first Crystal Vision training course from the International Mandel Institute. This 2-day course will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to start practicing a new crystal therapy using Crystal activator, Soul-spirit crystals and other Esogetic crystals.  Anyone can take this course; it is a standalone module and no previous knowledge of Esogetic Medicine is required. Please come back soon to read our post on Crystal course.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Yours in light and colours,

Time4change ltd

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