New element crystals in soul-spirit and grey colours

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Summer might be a holiday time but not for the Esogetics. Thanks for their tireless work new Faceted Element Crystals are now available again and even in new Grey Colours! Now you have a chance to collect them all:


Element crystals in soul-spirit colours for esogetic crystal therapy
Fire-Earth-Air-Water Element crystals

New highest quality 4 element-facetted and 3 grey-facetted crystals from Esogetics manufactured by Swarovski are on the market. After long, intensive tests and research in Peter Mandel’s clinic these new products from the Esogetics are here for you to enjoy.

Light GreyMedium GreyDark Grey

Element crystals in grey colours for esogetic crystal therapy
Grey crystals for Crystal Therapy

Now is the time to either complete your Soul-Spirit colours Element crystal collection or to order a brand new one. The Grey Crystal set is a completely new product. New element crystals can be ordered as a full set or as single products.

We think that you might find interesting to know that Peter Mandel is about to release a new more informative manual on the best therapeutic use of element crystals as well as the information on how the crystals effect human body.  And what is more that he  is doing all this work during his personal summer holidays.  Here at Colourpuncture Institute UK we applaud his tireless dedication to his work for humanity and natural health sciences!

You now have plenty to choose from for your Crystal Therapy but the first release of the new crystals will be limited, so do order now if you would like to be the happy owner of new long-desired and beautiful crystals. Blissful crystal clear vision to you!

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