Crystal therapy workshop ‘Polarity and Elements’: 21th of April 2012 in Cheshire,UK

Discover your element and learn to achieve a precious daily inner balance on our Esogetic Crystal therapy workshop ‘Polarity and Elements‘ on the 21th of April 2012 in Cheshire. This is a hands-on experiential workshop and open to everyone who wants to experience power and beauty of crystal therapy to create ┬ádaily well-being, happiness and relaxation.

Polarity and Elements workshop in Esogetic Crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel
Crystal therapy workshop ‘Polarity and Elements’

You will learn the basics of Crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel and give and experience treatments with Gold and Silver crystals as well as 4 element crystals in Soul-Spirit colours: Crimson (Fire), Light Green (Earth), Light Turquoise (Air) and Rose (Water).

Crystalpuncture with Crystal tattoos, Crystal Balls for Colourpuncture light therapy, Dream and Love disc applications and new Grey Crystals will also be introduced.

Join us on the 21th of April 2012 to take a step to daily balance of polarity and elements in your body and life!

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