Advanced Colourpuncture training: Burn-out syndrome therapy

Colourpuncture light therapy of Burn-Out syndrome is a 1-day training course in Advanced Colourpuncture. It will take place on the 28th of January 2012 in South Manchester.

Burn Out syndrome therapy of Advanced Colourpuncture light therapy
Burn-Out syndrome therapy of Advanced Colourpuncture

The Esogetic therapies of Burn-Out syndrome will benefit patients in your clinic suffering from tiredness, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, apathy, depression and more. You will learn Esogetic holistic therapies and treatments of Colourpuncture light therapy, Dream therapy, Crystal therapy and Induction therapy to successfully treat Burn-Out syndrome in your clinic and to also provide your clients with relevant daily homework.

Join us to start bringing health, vitality and energy into the lives of people effected by Burn-Out syndrome!

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