Colourpuncture light therapy in the Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health

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Colourpuncture light therapy is the main therapy of Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health. However, being an integrative by design, the Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health acknowledges all media of holistic therapies and uses them as and when required.

dream disk
Dream disk for Esogetic Crystal therapy


  • Colourpuncture with spectral colours
  • Colourpuncture with soul-spirit colours
  • Colourpuncture in grey colours
  • Ultraviolet (UV) puncture
  • Infrared (IR) puncture
  • Induction therapy with programmes
  • Induction therapy for points
  • Dream therapy
  • Colour sound therapies
  • Piezoelecric impulse therapy
  • Crystalpuncture

These therapies have been developed with the aim of treating an individual human being in an individual manner. Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health  individualizes the multitude of symptoms descriptive of the disease, rather than just looking at them in a static way.

It has a clear and logical hierarchy of  natural therapy processes depending on the individual reaction of a patient to a therapy. It elegantly connects old and trusted naturopathic treatment concepts with new insights from neuroscience research.

The end goal of Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health is the restoring of the individual’s own power. The human body has enormous in-built potential to adjust, repair and re-balance itself. Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health aims to optimize this potential by correcting and supporting the body’s natural energy systems, positively affecting your physical, emotional and mental state.

By clearing the blockages, gently triggering and then supporting the self-regulation of the body-mind, we arrive at a point where you reconnect with this in-built ability to self-regulate and gain more power in the process.

Many of the therapeutic tools of Esogetic Holistic System of Natural Health have been specifically designed for daily self-care and come with easy-to-follow instructions without the need for special education. You are welcome to browse through the extensive range of products and decide which of the tools might suit you most. Click here for more details on the full range of Esogetic solutions. Order yours today!