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CD Harmony


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The content of this CD is the theme of “What I have started, I will successfully finish”. You have become aware of who you are; you have understood what had previously been a hindrance; you know what should be reduced or neutralized. A “change in consciousness” or “metamorphosis” can now be completed. You live more intensely; you live out of the “inner core”. This means that you perceive everything more consciously and clearly than before, and as a consequence your thoughts and actions correspond to the creative force, which you have recognized as being decisive and pathbreaking for you. Actions are the result of previous thought processes. This interaction controls moods, and this in turn directly and lastingly influences our bodily well-being. The soundscape Harmony supports you in reaching your life goal and leading a conscious, healthy and harmonious life, because you are able to manage the events of your life, because you are able to correctly evaluate, deal with and consequently act on the events of your life.

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