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CD Totality Body-Soul-Spirit (set of 3)


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CD 1 “Spirit” focuses on the thalamus. This organ of our brain controls all of the sensory perceptions and is considered the door to our consciousness, because it “switches“ the stimulus of the inner and outer world to the cerebral cortex. Every irritation of the thalamus function is accompanied by a shift in the perception and consciousness. For this reason, the regulation and activation of the thalamus is of the greatest importance for the awareness and consciousness. The frequencies used for this CD have a regulating and activating effect.

CD 2 “body” is designed for the improvement of cell signaling, thus the vitally important
exchange of information between the individual cells of our body. At the same time, it influences the cellular environment and promotes expulsion and detoxification. Due to the reduced contamination of our body with toxins, the cells again become receptive to the information upon which biological communication is based. Through this process, the cells find their own proper rhythmic behavior. When we consider that changed rhythmic behavior is equivalent to changed or even incorrect cellular information, then it becomes clear how important the “care of our body’s cells“ is for our health.

CD 3 “Soul” addresses the human mental and emotional condition. It regulates and activates the functions of the hypothalamus, which is considered to be the “highest authority“ of the hormonal system. The hypothalamus controls all of the hormonal and vegetative processes and regulates the body’s inner environment. The third CD of the Totality series relates to the soul portion, because optimal hypothalamus functions mean inner stability and more vitality.

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