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CD Headaches / Migraines


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Statistics show that every third person suffers from headaches and migraines at irregular intervals and every tenth person regularly. Over 180 (!) physical and mental causes for this are known to medicine. Some examples of things that trigger headaches and migraines are: all types of noise, insufficient lighting, continuous work on data processing systems, certain foods, excitement and stress. Frequently, low blood pressure, weather sensitivity, sensory overload from external sources, which the brain is unable to process quickly enough, lack of oxygen, and emotional strain, all the way to depression, are the source of this “civilization disease”. This is compounded by hereditary factors of various types, as well as by hormonal imbalance. What all forms of headaches and migraines share in common is that a sort of cramp occurs in the brain below the so-called “Corpus Callosum” (cerebral trabecula). Pains also occur when the cramped state begins to abate and an edema forms. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter (an endogenous chemical for the transportation of information), is also released in greater amounts. The Headaches/Migraines Color Sound Therapy is not merely suitable for relieving and alleviating pain conditions, but rather for prevention, meaning before a cramp is even able to occur. It has been observed that in attacks of migraine, which originally occurred on a daily basis, the regular use of the CD increasingly lengthens the pain-free periods, until the patient finally remains free of pain in the long term.

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