Perlux IR-950 / UV-370 Combination Set


Both devices – Perlux IR-950 Infrared set and Perlux UV-370 Ultraviolet – are available as a combination set as well.


The infrared pen Perlux IR-950 is a practical therapeutic instrument, always at the ready, and can be handled easily and reliably.The set consists of the Perlux IR–950 pen and a pointlocator probe. The convenient box contains a user’s manual.

The ultraviolet pen Perlux UV-370 can be basically used anywhere and at any time as a reliable therapeutic instrument and is easy to handle. An inbuilt pulse shape generator creates physiological frequency patterns, which the organism can understand more easily. These are repetitive technical frequencies of the purest caliber.

Additional information

Weight 1.042 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 15 × 5 cm