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Today, people increasingly show signs of fatigue, listlessness, lack of concentration and forgetfulness. This does not merely affect the elderly. Children and young people in particular are increasingly unable to concentrate. That is no wonder, when one considers the indescribable abundance of impressions and information that all of us are subjected to between waking and going to sleep. Technical progress relieves us of some tedious and bothersome thought processes, but at the same time it demands more flexibility, parallel thinking and concentrated working on our part, due to the speedy distribution of information. And then, at some point, a time is reached in which we are no longer capable of carrying out a single task thoroughly or of concentrating on a simple train of thought. Because we are naturally not able to reduce to a manageable level the flood of exterior impressions and information upon us, we must learn how to cope with this. The Sound Therapy “Concentration” is designed to help this. The frequencies upon which this CD is based support mental alertness. They promote receptiveness – for example, in the case of school children with learning disabilities resulting from difficulties in concentration. This CD is generally recommended for all ages for improving and stabilizing the ability of concentration and memory, as well as fatigue and feelings of pressure in the head.

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