Glass rods Gray and Soul-Spirit Colors


7 bent glass rods; 3 different gray intensities plus 4 special colors


Gray glas rods:
The numbering of these three glass rods corresponds to the intensity of the gray:
Number 1 – light gray, number 2 – medium gray, number 3 – dark gray. These nuances are used in the treatment of the “gray zones”. They can be inserted without any problem into the colorpuncture pens. These glassrods are also curved, which facilitates their handling. They come together with some therapeutic protocols in a hard case.

Special colors glas rods:
These four special colors (light turquoise, lightgreen, crimson and rose) are primarily used in the “mental therapies” of Esogetic Medicine, which deeply address the different layers of consciousness. An example are the Esogetic conflict resolution therapies. The glass rods of the soul – spirit colors are curved and come together with therapy instructions in a solid box.

Additional information

Weight 0.189 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 8.5 × 2 cm