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Dream Yourself Free! Activation of Dreams with Symbols


Author: Peter Mandel
german, english and italian version  *  147 pages

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That dreams are not “ten a penny”, but rather messengers of our nunconscious, is na fact. In spite of all the research and interpretations, however, we nhave not nyet been able to track down their essential purpose. This book should nchange nthat. Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetic Medicine, whose teachings have nbeen nknown and successfully employed worldwide for several decades already, nhas now ndiscovered with the Dream Set a way of not only remembering dreams, but nalso a nway of making it possible to arrange them in order. It is a path that nleads directly to the centre of the “I”. His goal, which he shares with nall dreamers: nnavigating and understanding dreams. It is not about the describing of nsymbols nand visions, but rather about the true nature of dreams. It is also nabout their nrelationship with our experiences, perceptions, burdens and desires. A nfascinating book and a “dreamy” journey, for all of those who seek to nunderstand ntheir dreaming entity for what it actually is: an important aspect of nour nreality.

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