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Sleep yourself fit


Author: Peter Mandel, adapted by Praveeta Timmerman
german and english version, 94 pages

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Sleep yourself fit! If that would be possible… Yes, it really is! And you have more influence on it than you may think. Do you often feel lethargic, sleepy, low on energy and focus? Not being able to have a good night’s sleep is a serious signal of the body that your inner energy balance is disturbed. The key to the solution lies in the body itself – you don’t solve it by popping some pills to combat the symptoms. Take full responsibility for your own health by going to the root
of the problem – restore the balance of body and spirit with the healing power of specific wild herbs provided by nature. Concentrated colored light and sequences of sounds can also
help to restore your energy balance, combined with massage of defined zones. This is all pure and natural, returning to the essence. In this book the authors describe how you yourself can apply the healing properties of the wildcrafted herbal oil Relax, colors and sounds in treating certain zones on the skin. Each zone on the skin correlates to a physical or emotional complaint. The authors are happy to share their knowledge about about this unique combination of
treatments – and help you to feel fit!.

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