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CD Self-Confidence


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The pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony are anchored as a “basic principle” in every human being. This CD helps to develop and sustain states of mind, such as happiness, contentment and harmony. The beneficial effects are a signpost pointing the way to the essential core within us – and thereby also to the primordial knowledge (the so-called “knowledge of the heart”) that resides in each one of us. Each of us knows how valuable and delightful thoughts, words and deeds are, when they “come from the heart”; for those who give, as well as for those who receive. The more that we recognize what life plan is designed within us, the more we live out what is within ourselves, knowing that this “knowledge of the heart” is the only true one. We live from within our beings, and we no longer live our lives through other people, and we are not “remote controlled” by them. This provides increasingly more confidence in decision making, along with the certainty to have made the correct decisions.

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