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I Ging Set


The Playful I Ching or the orcle on the Skin and 64 I Ching Play Cards

Author: Peter Mandel
german, english and italian version * 224 pages
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The tradition of the I Ging, also called “The Book of Change”, belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. Especially nowadays, in a time of worldwide paradigm shift, it has become more important than ever to remember the lunar abilities that every human being possesses.
In his book “The Playful I Ging” Peter Mandel enters completely new territory. His development combines the ancient I Ging oracle with zones on the skin, which he has described in exact detail. Each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ging has a clearly defined position on the surface of the skin, is drawn there and then treated with the appropriate media.
Many years of research and practical application in the clinic have repeatedly shown the impressive effectiveness.

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