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CD Immune Activity




The causes of a weakening of the immune system take many forms: air pollution from car and factory emissions, insufficient oxygen supply, affects of microscopic organisms such as viruses and bacteria, nutrition related problems, constant influence of noise, as well as a lack of activity, and at the same time excessive physical and mental demands of all types. The immune system is subjected to above-normal demands and is thereby quickly overwhelmed and no longer able to sufficiently fulfill its protective function. Fatigue and weakness are two possible consequences. The CD “Immune activity” is designed to help in such situations by helping to strengthen the immune system and stimulating the lymph flow. As a result of this, immunoglobulins are stabilized and there is a normalization of helper and killer cells. This Sound Therapy is also outstandingly suited in the case of skin disorders, flu and viral infections, as well as an accompanying therapy for all types of bodily complaints and manifested illnesses. Laboratory tests have shown, for example, that regularly listening to this CD more quickly normalizes the blood picture than previously.

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Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12.50 × 2 cm