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CD Self-Knowledge


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This soundscape gradually increases the awareness of inner powers and the ability to recognize that we are more than the sum total of our bodily functions. We know intuitively that there is a great power through which we have come into being. We are not often enough connected with this power; the daily stress and strain alone prevents us from becoming conscious of this “power” and from making the connection. The CD Self-Knowledge has the purpose of helping you to once again envision this power, to affirm it and to connect with it. In so doing, it is not important what you call this power. Through this “foundation” it will be possible for you to recognize what had previously hindered you and what you need, in order to arrange your life reasonably and to be able to fully develop. You feel connected with the creative forces that have their effect everywhere in nature. This is a precondition for understanding, locating and reducing one’s own inhibitions, blockages and oppositions.

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