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Facetted Crystals – grey (Set of three)


The fantastic world of treatment with the three grey crystals.

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By means of the three new grey crystals, it has become possible at a high level to provide balancing stimuli for polar irregularity on the one hand. On the other hand we can, very often and via specific assignments, break down rigidly structured bodily functions, and thereby the corresponding chronic progressive stages of illnesses. Let us picture the holographic structure of the skin as a giant building. There are countless doors there, arranged from inside to outside and vice versa. These “doors” represent the individual reflex areas, and it is our task to assign these accordingly. The experience gathered in the past through treatment with crystals, particularly with facetted crystals, indicates that the surface of our bodies does not just contain reflection zones and points. The hologram of the skin also contains all holographic structures, e.g. in relation to the “earth hologram” present in all crystals. We see the application of crystals to the skin as a treatment of symmetrical functions, which are effective when directed within as well as outwardly. The term “mirror” would perhaps be appropriate here, since through the opening of the “grey pattern” its function appears as on a mirror.

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Dimensions 19 × 19 × 4 cm