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Dream Set


Consisting of dream disc, book with symbol cards and wildcrafted herbal oil relax.

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From what we know today, dreams can be understood as a mediator between the conscious and the unconscious. Peter Mandel’s observations show that certain types of strain or stress are often accompanied by certain types of dreams.

nnA long time ago already, Peter Mandel tried to retrieve the images of the night and transfer them into the conscious using dream-creating zones. Today, there are clearly defined esogetic zones, the simulation of which can promote specific dreams. By now, this technique is used by many people who want to deliberately activate their dream work.

In order to intensify dream activities, Peter Mandel has worked on the symbolism of the ten ancient planets which can be understood as archetypes. Over the years, he developed the idea to use the pentacle in its twofold depiction for therapeutic purposes.

For the first time this new disc of the numeric symbols was created as a crystal disc.

The dream disc is the second of cystal glass.

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