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The Sound Therapy “Motivation” targets a regulation of the limbic system, the controlling organ of our brain that stores and processes our feelings and experiences. The starting point of this Sound Therapy is the counterpart of the Colorpuncture Therapy of the “Limbic Line” according to Peter Mandel. The limbic system is an important link between emotions and physical expression. This system primarily controls the instinctive tendencies, our basic needs, such as hunger and the desire of sleep, but it also controls autonomic functions. Unlike other parts of the brain, however, the limbic system is capable of uncoupling and, in a way, swinging back and forth, if its regulation capability has been impaired or even suspended. The balance is shifted and the system becomes independent and therefore out of control. The consequences are emotional reactions that are affective, unmotivated or wrongly motivated. Moreover, vegetative functions such as blood pressure or gland secretion are directly affected. These reactions may also lead to changes in learning ability and memory impairment, among others. Therefore, the regulation capability via the Sound Therapy “Motivation” is quite important for perception and recognition, for motivation, discerning and learning.

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