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Safety mechanism of electromagnetic pollution
By generating a specific electrostatic field, humans, animals and plants can keep their health despite of a radiation environment. The device is effective within a radius of 30 m, secured through walls and ceilings. The generated electrostatic field is able to bring the water molecules within the epidermis into a line with the ermitted field (orientation polarization). Because a water molecule is a dipole it has due to its asymmetric structure a permanent electric dipole moment. There is a negative loaded side within the molecule (oxygen atom) and a positive loaded side (both hydrogen atoms). By the low-frequency electrostatic field of bioprotect-h® which has stronger electrical signals as the
electromagnetic radiation the water molecules are inhibited to follow high or low frequent electromagnetic radiation. bioprotect-h® is harmless for ourbody because it does not induce an electrical current flow and only has an effect on the first dermal layer.

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Weight 0.360 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 7 cm