Professional Colourpuncture Training Course will give you everything you need to become a’Colourpuncture therapist according to Peter Mandel’ which is an internationally recognized qualification at a Certificate and Diploma (after a Colourpuncture exam) levels.

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course

  • Part 1: Introduction to Colourpuncture
  • Part 2: Endocrine Basic Pattern
  • Part 3: Toxic Basic Pattern
  • Part 4: Degenerative Basic Pattern
  • Part 5: Function Circles
  • Part 6: Conflict Resolution
  • Part 7: 12+1 Disease Principles
  • Part 8: Advanced Conflict Resolution and Ether
  • Part 9: Fire Element
  • Part 10: Earth Element
  • Part 11: Air Element
  • Part 12: Water Element

Update Colourpuncture training is also available if you were previously trained in Colourpuncture (before 2007). 

Entry requirements: entry level training; however, good knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology as well as basic Pathology is essential. An A&P qualification is needed if you would like to take an exam for a Diploma level.
Recommended reading: ‘Sense and nonsense of sickness and pain’ by Peter Mandel; optional: ‘Textbook of the OGT’ by Peter Mandel
Recommended toolsBasic light set Perlux P-117 . Also, having Esogetic Oil and a set of Crystal puncture tattoos during your training will be advantageous. Optional: soul-spirit and grey colours.

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